International Robotics Finds Lectrosonics The Ideal Wireless Partner

Performance and reliability essential to Millennia’s voice and data communication functions

International Robots uses Lectrosonics WirelessLarchmont, NY… From marketing and entertainment to education and all points between, International Robotics, Inc. excels at producing the finest communication robots in the world. For over 30 years, the company has been a pioneer of what it terms Techno-Marketing™— a business science that delivers commercial, educational, and entertainment messages to targeted audiences. At the center of this synthesis of world-class technologies, communication psychology, theatrics, and marketing experience, is Millennia, the company’s 8th generation robot, whose communications skills revolve around wireless technology from Lectrosonics.

Always under the skillful remote control of well-trained operators, Millennia is capable of delivering preprogrammed speeches, stories, dance routines, and interacting spontaneously in a totally improvisational manner. Millennia even has the unique distinction of being the world’s only robot that is a card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)! The heart of Millennia’s communication skills consists of two sets of Lectrosonics LMaDigital Hybrid Wireless® beltpack transmitters and R400a Digital Hybrid Wireless Diversity Receivers. This equipment handles the robot’s audio and data communication responsibilities. Robert Doornick, International Robotics’ founder and CEO, discussed those attributes that make Lectrosonics the ideal wireless partner.

“Our robots are considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the industry,” explained Doornick, “and, as such, they get shipped all over the globe to a wide variety of organizations—Toyota and Eveready® among them. The integrity of the machine’s performance is extremely important, so the ability of the wireless technology to operate consistently is essential. After extensive research, we found Lectrosonics was very highly regarded. Hence, we chose to incorporate the company’s wireless technology in our robots.”

“Our company has used Lectrosonics equipment for roughly 15 years,” Doornick continued. “While we’ve changed equipment models several times during those years, we’ve never received calls from any clients stating there was a problem with the wireless equipment. Lectrosonics’ high level of performance and reliability is absolutely essential to our business and is the cornerstone of our two companies’ relationship.”

With their robots in service at countless high profile events, sound quality and frequency agility are equally important to Millennia’s success. “Millennia is engaged in a wide range of activities, including promotional tours, concerts, music videos, films, TV shows, and more,” said Doornick. “In environments such as these, sound quality is of paramount importance and, here too, Lectrosonics delivers. Because our robots are sent to so many different places, frequency agility is another vital concern. Lectrosonics’ SmartTune™ feature is extremely useful, as it enables the operator to easily find available frequencies at the touch of a button. We recently had a robot co-hosting a talk show in New York. When I first arrived at the on site, we discovered a conflict with some of the studio’s frequencies. I was able to quickly and easily select an open frequency, lock it in, and we were on our way.”

Doornick is equally complimentary of Lectrosonics’ customer and technical support services. “Lectrosonics has been extremely responsive to our business,” he said. “Not too long ago, we were in rehearsal for a major international event where Millennia was delivering the keynote address. We encountered an emergency situation and had to exchange equipment so it could operate on another frequency block. I contacted Lectrosonics and they graciously overnighted us the transmitters we required. The next day we were on our way. This level of customer support is extremely rare.”

As he directed his attention back to the company’s business, Doornick offered this final thought, “Over the years, Lectrosonics has provided a level of consistency—both in the capabilities of its products and in the way it operates its customer support services—that results in the best performance and reliability we could possibly hope for. Our two companies have a wonderful working relationship and I’m confident it will continue. Thank you for being an integral part of our success.”

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