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Scott Farr of Farr Out Productions states that he was contacted to set up all the production equipment for a documentary about the U.S. Coast Guard, 1 month before Hurricane Katrina hit. "I went with Lectrosonics MM400B's along with Countrymens B-6 lav's for the Rescue Swimmers to pick up the audio of the people they would come into contact with."

"Little did we know that a rather large Hurricane was about to change the entire playing field. The crews worked 24hrs and more rescuing for 30+ days. The swimmers were put into situations they had never trained for, including swimming in water that was contaminated with raw sewage as well as raw petroleum. The MM400B's never failed. They kept right on sending audio, allowing the documentary crews to capture some of the most heroic sights and sounds of our USCG in action and those whom they rescued."




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