USB driver installation guide (Windows XP)

First time installation

When a LecNet2 device is connected to the PC for the very first time, the Windows Found New Hardware Wizard automatically opens if drivers have not been pre-installed using the LecNet2 Device Installer. Follow the steps below to manually install the LecNet2 USB driver using the Wizard.

Step 1

Place the LecNet2 installation disk in the PC's CD-ROM drive.

Step 2

Select the option Install from a list or specific location (Advanced):

Click Next to continue.

Step 3

Select the option Search for the best driver in these locations. and check Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM...) to direct the search to the LecNet2 installation disk in the CD-ROM drive.

Click Next to continue.

Windows will search the CD for the driver and when it has found it, the driver installation will proceed:

When the driver installation is complete, the final page of the Wizard will appear.

Step 4

Click Finish. It is now possible to connect to the LecNet2 device.

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