Using the Macro Editor

DM84 commands are assembled into a macro with the Macro Editor. Since these command are expressed in a simple, human readable format, this is a very straightforward process.

Opening the Macro Editor

Choose Macros->Macro Editor... from the Menu Bar. The Macro Editor dialog will open:

Note that the Macro Editor has a Menu Bar of its own. The options found in the Device menu are enabled only when the PC is connected to a DM84.

When first opened the editor is ready for:


The Macro Editor provides the following controls:

Title field

Enter/change the title here. The maximum length of the title is 30 characters.

Command list group

The edit field at the top of the list is used to enter or modify commands. Once commands are entered into the list, they appear in the box below the edit field. Commands in the list are selected for editing by clicking on them with the mouse.

Commands can be appended to the list in one of two ways:

Any command in the list can be edited. To do this, click on the line in the list where it appears. The command will appear in the edit field ready for editing. Press <ENTER> when finished to keep the changes.

A new command can be inserted into the list at a point other than the end. To do this, click on a line in the list to select the command you want to follow the newly inserted command. Press the Insert button and a placeholder command, "new command" will appear in both the list and the edit field. Click on the edit field and edit the command. Press <ENTER> when finished.

A command can be deleted from the list in one of two ways:

A command can be repositioned within the list in one of two ways:

When done creating or editing a macro, it can be:

Here is an example of a simple macro displayed in the editor:

In this case the PC is connected to a DM84 and macro number 2 has been recalled for editing. The second command of the macro has been selected in the list and is displayed in the edit field.

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