SPDR Digital Recorder - Firmware Revision History

SPDR Firmware Update v1.27 - 01 March 2023

  • Time code jam function is now compatible with Deity and Betso brand time code generators.
  • Increased buffer size for smoother playback of 96k sample rate recordings.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.26 - 12 August 2022

  • Fixed a bug where, if "File Naming" was set to "Sequence", the file name would increment every time the user accessed the "About Card" page by pressing the BACK button from the Main Window.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.25 - 24 January 2022

  • Now each submenu cursor remembers its most recent location and is only reset at power-on or when factory defaults are restored. Also, the "Default" and "About SPDR" items have been moved to the Settings submenu.
  • The power-off screen now shows a bargraph instead of a numerical countdown and finishes a little faster.
  • A new option has been added to the Settings menu, allowing an ongoing recording to be stopped by either a two button hold (as before, and the new default) or a single button press.
  • The SPDR is now aware of all recording formats used by other Lectrosonics recording products, and is able to recover an interrupted recording from any of them if need be. Note, however, that the SPDR can still only play recordings that are compatible with it.
  • Now, when setting the Date & Time, the seconds field increments in real time.
  • The SPDR now conforms to industry standards for digital audio metering: the meter always reads 0 at +0 dBFS. The analog input limiter can now be seen to engage at -5 dBFS, reserving 5 dB for limiter overhead. This behavior of the analog input subsystem has not changed, but now the meter always shows the levels relative to +0 dBFS. This eliminates the possibility for confusion caused by the meter reading differently depending on the input type (digital or analog) and whether the SPDR is making a recording or playing one back.
  • Fixed bug where, if the unit was turned off immediately after resetting defaults, the settings might not be saved properly.
  • Fixed bug where the audio meters froze if the Input Type was set to Digital and the digital input signal was disconnected.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.23 - 07 October 2019

  • Fixed a bug causing the second and subsequent segments of a recovered long recording to have offset times.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.21 - 23 September 2019

  • Corrected a timecode jamming inaccuracy which could occasionally cause time to be early by as much as 3 frames.
  • Fixed a bug where the auto record feature could erroneously cause tiny recordings to be made every few minutes, even with no activity at the timecode port.
  • Protected against rare case wherein the auto record feature calls for a recording to stop at the same moment that the stop function is activated manually. Previously a "no response from card" error would be issued under these circumstances, though the recording would be intact.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.20 - 15 April 2019

  • Added Timecode Auto Record feature, disabled by default. When this feature is enabled, SPDR begins recording when timecode is detected at the TC jack, and stops recording when timecode is no longer detected at the TC jack. Exception: SPDR does not begin recording if timecode is newly detected during a TC jam operation.
  • Added mono headphone mix capability to HP Volume page.
  • The info page for a mounted SD card no longer shows the volume name, but instead shows the name of the next file to be created if a recording were initiated.
  • The info page for a recording in progress no longer shows the word RECORDING but instead blinks a "REC" icon and shows the name of the file currently being created.
  • The battery is required to be fresher than was previously required in order for a recovery operation to proceed.
  • The "slow card" warning page has been made more informative. The "REC" icon continues to blink as the words "Warning: slow card" is displayed. The BACK button is soft-labeled "OK" to confirm.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.10 - 28 August 2019

  • Initial production release.