SR v1.7


  • LEVEL settings may now be adjusted independently, even in RATIO diversity mode. The audio blend at the two jacks will be identical, but the level at each jack may be adjusted separately.
  • Added external voltage display function.
  • Added backlight timeout selection menu.
  • DIVMODE menu now allows user to "browse through" RATIO mode and still recover 2nd receiver settings on returning to SWITCH mode.


  • Automatic fine tune feature now skews in correct direction, allowing the SR to use the same window detector alignment procedure as the R400a, UCR401, UCR411A and Venue models.
  • Obscure interaction between LEVEL settings and output matrix mixer settings was removed.
  • Further scaled RF meter in order to match new hardware alignment procedure and more closely match UCR411A meter behavior.
  • Battery timer now correctly rolls to 0:00 after 10 hours.
  • Battery status monitor is now steadier under weak signal conditions.
  • Scaled RF meter to more closely match indications on the UCR411A when RF levels are moderate to strong.
  • Fixed diversity switch control logic to improve drop-out prevention.
  • Corrected battery warning thresholds for "AA Lithium" battery monitor setting.
  • LectroLink Bootloader now correctly displays UPDATE on the LCD when in firmware update mode (though the firmware update mode always worked).
  • Fixed and added serial commands for factory testing.