M4T Firmware Revision History

M4T v1.04 - 31 August 2011

Removed unnecessary latency from AES/EBU digital audio input path. System latency when using AES/EBU inputs is now 1.6 ms if input sample rate is 192k, 1.8 ms if input sample rate is 96k, and 2.3 ms if input sample rate is 48k. System latency when using analog inputs remains at 1.0 ms.

Also removed factory "D4" mode and added factory diagnostic serial commands.

M4T v1.02 - 09 June 2011

Fixed computational bug causing subtle defects in the noise floor of the headphone amp audio. (Transmitted audio not affected.)

M4T v1.01 - 23 February 2011

First production release.