WM, WM/E01 Firmware Revision History


This model is not capable of firmware updates in the field so no files are available for download. Contact Lectrosonics if you need a firmware update.


WM, WM/E01 v6.1 - 02 Feb 2021

  • When adjusting frequency, carrier no longer comes back on in the middle of a long scroll through the available frequency range.
  • Plus 10 dB limit indicator is now more accurate across the mic input gain adjustment range.

WM, WM/E01 v6.0 - 11 October 2018

  • Introduces "Nu Hybrid" compat mode, which replaces the legacy "400" mode. "Nu Hybrid" mode conforms to the ETSI standard now in effect for wireless microphone transmitters in the United States. Version 6.x firmware is for use in units shipping with these FCC ID numbers:
    • DBZWM47A
    • DBZWM19A
    • DBZWM20A
    • DBZWM21A
    • DBZWM22A
    • DBZWM23A
    All new product shipped after October 13th, 2018 to US customers will bear these FCC ID numbers and use 6.x firmware.
  • Note: the WM/E01 export model for the EU is unchanged by this firmware version.

WM, WM/E01 v2.6 - 26 October 2017

  • Add optional "one button mute" feature. If enabled:
    • Momentarily press the "Audio" button to toggle the audio mute on/off.
    • Press and hold the "Audio" button to adjust the audio gain
    To enable the feature: open the "DOWN Arrow" Settings Menu, scroll to the "At" option and select "At on". See page 11 of the WM Instruction Manual.

WM, WM/E01 v2.5 - 03 April 2017

  • Prevent brief flash of LCD backlight when batteries are inserted.
  • Display correct "leds on"/"leds off" message when LED control setting changed in menu.

WM, WM/E01 v2.4 - 28 April 2015

  • Added tuning step size selector, so tuning resolution can be set for 100 kHz steps or 25 kHz steps.
  • Added new remote control signals ("dweedle tones") for...
    • tuning in 25 kHz steps
    • changing the LF roll-off setting
    • making incremental adjustments to the mic gain
    • turning the LEDs off and on
  • Reduced latency in limiter sidechain for improved limiter responsiveness.
  • Fixed broken bootloader. Versions prior to this one can only be updated with a device programmer. Updates from here on may be done with a device programmer or a LectroLink adapter.

WM, WM/E01 v2.3 - 23 July 2013

  • Fixed a bug in the user interface wherein it was possible to exit from the compatibility mode setup menu chain to the main operating screens, while still not radiating RF.
  • Simplified factory configuration and alignment process by adding four serial commands. Changed PLL lock/unlock guard times to prevent erroneous cycling of RF output amplifier during factory alignment.

WM, WM/E01 v2.2 - 05 December 2012

Shaped battery telemetry signaling for slightly lower noise floor. Also added new factory diagnostic functions.

WM, WM/E01 v2.1 - 24 April 2012

First production version.