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SSM/E06 Firmware Revision History

SSM/E06 Firmware Update v1.08 - 05 December 2019

  • Added "PSA" (Point Source Audio) microphone preset.
  • Transmitter now handles failed IR sync operations more gracefully.

SSM/E06 Firmware Update v1.07 - 22 August 2019

  • Modified keypad lock/unlock function:
    • You can now lock or unlock the keypad by pressing and holding both the UP and DOWN arrow keys.
    • The lock state now persists when the unit is power cycled. If locked, it will remain locked.
  • The LED on/off state now persists when the unit is power cycled.

SSM/E06 Firmware Update v1.06 - 18 April 2017

  • Improved accuracy of mode 3 emulation for better transient response.
  • Added support for frequency band B2, including logic to handle Block 606 legacy mode.

SSM/E06 Firmware Update v1.03 - 20 September 2016

  • Initial public release.