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SMWB/E06, SMDWB/E06 Firmware Revision History

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SMWB/E06, SMDWB/E06 Firmware Update v2.09 - 27 December 2021

  • Eliminate a 2.75 kHz audio tone audible in some units when the Remote Control feature was enabled.
  • Improved reliability of "auto on" operation.
  • Menu cursor is now reset to the first item when default settings are restored.

SMWB/E06, SMDWB/E06 Firmware Update v2.08 - 30 August 2021

  • The Clock setup page now shows running seconds and allows the seconds field to be edited.
  • The accuracy of battery telemetry reporting has been improved. Transmitters that have already been calibrated at the factory will remain correctly calibrated when taking this update.
  • The LCD backlight "off" setting now operates correctly after a power cycle.

SMWB-E06, SMDWB-E06 Firmware Update v2.07 - 19 February 2020

  • Initial public release.