4.0/5.0 Series Firmware Revision History

This model is not capable of firmware updates in the field so no files are available for download. Contact Lectrosonics if you need a firmware update.


SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.6 - 16 March 2021

  • When adjusting frequency, carrier no longer comes back on in the middle of a long scroll through the available frequency range.
  • Plus 10 dB limit indicator is now more accurate across the mic input gain adjustment range.
  • In Rf Off mode, arrow keys invoke "hold" reminder message, rather than LED Off function.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.5 - 20 April 2016

  • Pilot tone is now extinguished in "Rf Off" mode, so receivers will not break squelch even if the transmitting and receiving antennas are extremely close to one another
  • Frequency scrolling (when pressing and holding up/down buttons) is fast again after having been unintentionally made slightly slower in version 5.4.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.4 - 26 August 2015

  • LED Off feature: In normal operating mode, the DOWN and UP buttons may be used to turn the audio and power LED indicators off and on respectively. This setting does not persist through a power cycle and the LCD backlight is not affected by this setting.
  • Added new remote control signals ("dweedle tones") for...
    • tuning in 25 kHz steps
    • changing the low frequency roll-off setting
    • turning off the power and audio LEDs
    • mic gain UP and mic gain DOWN functions
  • Adjusted 608-614 MHz protection "guard band" (non-export block 23 units only) for compliance in new 25 kHz tuning mode.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.3 - 20 January 2014

Added 25 kHz tuning step mode.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.2 - 08 May 2013

No user-apparent changes. Simplified factory configuration and alignment process by adding several serial commands and one new diagnostic menu screen.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.1 - 17 April 2013

Changed PLL lock/unlock guard times to prevent erroneous cycling of RF output amplifier during factory alignment.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v5.0 - 27 March 2013

  • Made a slight improvement to dynamic tracking in compatibility mode 6.
  • Fixed a bug in the user interface wherein it was possible to exit from the RF power level setup screen to the main operating screens, while still not radiating RF.
  • Re-introduced the ability to use the LectroLink adapter to perform future firmware updates, by replacing the "bootloader" portion of the code. Firmware updates via Microchip's device programmer are always possible and do not involve the bootloader.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v4.9 - 18 September 2012

Increased power level (and thus the accuracy) of the microprocessor brownout detection circuit.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v4.8 - 07 August 2012

Building on the improvements in v4.6, created a protected memory storage class for crucial system setup and calibration parameters.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v4.7 - 30 July 2012

Restored factory access to battery telemetry settings, lost since v4.5. Nothing else changed since v4.6.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v4.6 - 25 July 2012

  • Shaped battery telemetry signaling for slightly lower noise floor.
  • Added powerup delays, checksums and multiple read attempts to ensure robustness of non-volatile memory.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v4.4 - 30 April 2012

Added logic to ensure that audio buffers remain synchronized after a sleep/wake cycle.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v4.3 - 10 April 2012

Changed volume control logic to accommodate a reworking of the volume control circuit. All 17446 audio boards (backlit LCD) receive this hardware and firmware update.