2.0/3.0/6.5 Series Firmware Revision History

This model is not capable of firmware updates in the field so no files are available for download. Contact Lectrosonics if you need a firmware update.


SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v6.5 - 19 November 2017

Version 6.5 is a backport incorporating the following enhancements from later versions.

  • Backport of "NU Hybrid" functionality for older units which previously required version 3.x firmware.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v3.4 - 27 September 2016

Version 3.3 is a backport incorporating the following enhancements from later versions.

  • Pilot tone is now extinguished in "Rf Off" mode, so receivers will not break squelch even if the transmitting and receiving antennas are extremely close to one another

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v3.3 - 26 August 2015

Version 3.3 is a backport incorporating the following enhancements from later versions.

  • From v5.4: LED Off feature, new remote control signals, corrected block 23 guard bands in non-export version.
  • From v5.3: Optional 25 kHz tuning step mode.
  • From v5.0: Improved dynamic tracking in mode 6, fixed UI bug.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v3.2 - 15 August 2012

  • Shaped battery telemetry signaling for slightly lower noise floor.
  • Added logic to ensure that audio buffers remain synchronized after a sleep/wake cycle. (Backport of these features only from v4.7. No other changes.)

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v3.1 - 25 April 2012

Fixed problem wherein pilot tone could be incorrectly encoded after a sleep/wake cycle.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v3.0 - 09 February 2012

  • Reduced current drain in sleep mode.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the transmitter power level wasn't always correctly restored after a remote control sleep/wake cycle.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.9 - 06 July 2011

Fixed a problem in compatibility modes "100" and "3", which caused sibilants to sound crackly. Also, the audio metering in mode 3 was adjusted to better match that of compatible receivers. (These changes affect compatibility modes "100" and "3" only.)

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.8 - 31 March 2011

Increased battery telemetry adjustment range and scaling, for faster and easier factory alignment and fewer component changes. (No user apparent changes were made since v2.7.)

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.7 - 04 February 2011

This version has no customer perceptible changes since version 2.6. Version 2.7 fixes a problem with the bootloader which prevented the LectroLink adapter from accomplishing certain firmware updates (notably the upgrade from v2.3 forward). Since only the bootloader was changed, the only reason to upgrade from v2.6 to v2.7 is to make it safer to use LectroLink to take further updates in the future.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.6 - 25 January 2011

  • SMB/E01 export units on blocks 23 and 606 now include the 608-614 MHz range.
  • Fix a problem where some units would erroneously power up into UPDATE mode some of the time.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.5 - 16 December 2010

Fixes a bug, introduced in version 2.4, where the "-20" LED didn't always operate correctly.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.4 - 30 November 2010

Unit will no longer issue PLL alarms during normal tuning from one end of the block to the other (a problem previously affecting 2.x versions only).

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.3 - 29 June 2010

Fixed obscure display glitch in Rf Off mode. Corrected block 33 frequency coverage; block now correctly ends at 861.9 MHz.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v2.2 - 19 May 2010

New LF roll-off digital potentiometer allows for more accurate placement of -3dB point for the six roll-off settings.