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1.0 Series Firmware Revision History

This model is not capable of firmware updates in the field so no files are available for download. Contact Lectrosonics if you need a firmware update.


SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.92 - 07 January 2013

Identical to v1.91, but fixes a display problem in which three digit block numbers (e.g. block 470) were shown incorrectly during the boot sequence.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.91 - 25 October 2012

A backport of version 3.2, this is the latest version available for existing units running firmware version 1.8 and older (original LMX2353 PLL).

Battery telemetry signaling is quieter, without upsetting calibration. (No realignment is required in order to take this update from version 1.9 or older.) The improvements described in the notes for version 3.1 and version 3.2 have been applied.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.9 - 21 February 2012

A backport of version 3.0, this is the latest version available for existing units running firmware version 1.8 and older (original LMX2353 PLL).

Full coverage of the 608-614 MHz range is now available on SMB/E01 units.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.8 - 03 October 2011

This version is identical to v1.7 except that the bootloader improvements from versions 2.6 and 2.7 have been incorporated. No user apparent changes have been made since v1.7, and the bootloader improvements can only be realized with a Microchip device programmer. (A LectroLink update replaces everything but the bootloader.)

The primary reason to apply this update (effective via the Microchip device programmer only) is that a unit running older v1.x firmware erroneously powers up in the UPDATE mode.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.7 - 29 June 2010

  • Fixed obscure display glitch in Rf Off mode.
  • Corrected block 33 frequency coverage; block now correctly ends at 861.9 MHz.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.6 - 14 April 2010

Enhanced factory calibration functions.

SPECIAL UPGRADE WARNING: Normally version 1.6 would not be needed as an update or upgrade, since no new features have been added, nor bugs fixed, which are apparent to the user. Furthermore, this version should be applied with great care, consulting the release notes, if applied at all. Some of the new factory features permit selective disabling of compatibility modes and power output levels. If these enable/disable flags are not set carefully, an upgraded unit may no longer offer all of the compatibility modes and power output levels previously available.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.5 - 27 January 2010

Powered-on state may now be restored or not restored (at the user's option) when batteries are replaced.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.4 - 15 December 2009

Added logic to keep the power on if needed, in case only slight contact is made initially during battery insertion.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.3 - 18 November 2009

Added brownout detector to ensure clean powerup in the event of loose battery contacts.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.2 - 10 August 2009

  • Improved accuracy of mode 3 emulation.
  • Added powerup delay to prevent erroneous invocation of firmware update mode.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.1 - 26 March 2009

Added transmitter power information to powerup display sequence.

SMQV, SMV, SMB/E01, SMDB/E01 v1.0 - 25 February 2009

First production version.