HMa Firmware Revision History

HMa Firmware Update v6.00 - 11 October 2018

Introduces "Nu Hybrid" compat mode, which replaces the legacy "400" mode. "Nu Hybrid" mode conforms to the ETSI standard now in effect for wireless microphone transmitters in the United States. Version 6.x firmware is for use in units shipping with these FCC ID numbers:


All new product shipped after October 13th, 2018 to US customers will bear these FCC ID numbers and use 6.x firmware.

HMa Firmware Update v1.04 - 05 May 2016

  • Fix bug preventing power down of unit when the "RC" page is displayed.

HMa Firmware Update v1.03 - 27 April 2016

  • Phantom voltage can now be adjusted in Rf Off mode.
  • UP/DOWN arrows in Rf Off mode now invoke "Hold" reminder message rather than the LED ON/OFF function (which was not useful in Rf Off mode).

HMa Firmware Update v1.02 - 24 March 2016

  • Added support for sonic remote control commands ("dweedle tones").

HMa Firmware Update v1.01 - 01 March 2016

  • Initial public release.