HM/E01 Firmware Revision History

This model is not capable of firmware updates in the field so no files are available for download. Contact Lectrosonics if you need a firmware update.


HM/E01 v2.6 - 29 October 2014

Fixed problem wherein LCD backlight would turn off at incorrect times.

HM/E01 v2.5 - 24 October 2014

Unit now turns itself off when battery voltage is too low for stable operation. This eliminates noises in the audio just before the battery fails completely, and also prevents repeated power cycling at the end of battery life.

HM/E01 v2.4 - Not released separately: Rolled into v2.5.

Added 25 kHz tuning step mode. Also applied minor cosmetic fixes to user interface and factory serial commands, and slightly improved dynamic tracking accuracy in compatibility mode 6. "Normalized" the already-supported block 606 by adding it to factory block setting menu.

HM/E01 v2.3 - 10 December 2012

Shaped battery telemetry signaling for slightly lower noise floor. Also added new factory diagnostic functions.

HM/E01 v2.2 - 17 October 2012

Increased power level (and thus the accuracy) of the microprocessor brownout detection circuit. Added powerup delays, checksums and multiple read attempts to ensure robustness of non-volatile memory. Created a protected memory storage class for crucial system setup and calibration parameters.

HM/E01 v2.1 


HM/E01 v2.0 - 06 June 2012

New hardware variant with backlight feature.

HM/E01 v1.5 - 02 August 2011

Increased battery telemetry adjustment range and scaling, and added autorepeat to the battery telemetry adjustment screen, for faster and easier factory alignment and fewer component changes. No user perceptible changes were made; however, upgrading to this (or newer) versions will require recalibration of the battery telemetry adjustment. Also added factory standby command.

HM/E01 v1.3 - 23 September 2009


  • Adjusted battery warning thresholds for LED indicator.
  • Adjusted power off timings to ensure receivers have enough time to mute before carrier turns off.
  • Added new serial commands for testing department.

HM/E01 v1.2 - 18 August 2009

DSP code, which formerly worked only on the TMS320VC5402 DSP, is now also compatible with the TMS320VC5402A. Firmware may be used on logic boards populated with either DSP. Nothing else has changed since v1.1.