HHa Firmware Revision History

HHa Firmware Update v6.01 - 03 September 2019

  • Add new programmable side button function, push-to-talk (PTT).
  • Handle failed IR sync operations more gracefully.

HHa Firmware Update v6.00 - 11 October 2018

Introduces "Nu Hybrid" compat mode, which replaces the legacy "400" mode. "Nu Hybrid" mode conforms to the ETSI standard now in effect for wireless microphone transmitters in the United States. Version 6.x firmware is for use in units shipping with these FCC ID numbers:


All new product shipped after October 13th, 2018 to US customers will bear these FCC ID numbers and use 6.x firmware.

HHa Firmware Update v1.03 - 05 April 2016

  • Fixed bug which caused backlight timeout control screen to "stick" (i.e. the BACK button wouldn't work).
  • The programmable side button no longer retriggers a timed out backlight if the selected button function is "none".
  • The talkback function can now be automatically turned on or off as needed via an IR sync operation.

HHa Firmware Update v1.01 - 23 November 2015

  • Initial public release.