HHa/E01 Firmware Revision History

HHa/E01 Firmware Update v1.06 - 04 September 2019

  • Add new programmable side button function, push-to-talk (PTT).
  • Handle failed IR sync operations more gracefully.

HHa/E01 Firmware Update v1.04 - 02 May 2016

  • Now the correct RF output power level is selected when the "Default" menu command is invoked.
  • Fixed bug which caused backlight timeout control screen to "stick" (i.e. the BACK button wouldn't work).
  • The programmable side button no longer retriggers a timed out backlight if the selected button function is "none".
  • The talkback function is now automatically turned on or off as needed via an IR sync operation.

HHa/E01 Firmware Update v1.02 - 21 January 2016

  • Initial public release.