DPr, DPr-A Firmware Revision History

DPr v1.11 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA, H/W v1)/v2.00 (FPGA H/W v2)/v3 (BOOTLOADER)

  • Fix bug where the default frequency was not restored when executing the "Default" action in the Setup menu (or via a serial command).

DPr v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA, H/W v1)/v2.00 (FPGA H/W v2)/v3 (BOOTLOADER)

  • Menu cursors now reset when factory default settings are restored.
  • Fixed bug where recording didn't stop when the SD card became full.
  • Added 10 mW RF power level option.

DPr v1.07 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA, H/W v1)/v2.00 (FPGA H/W v2)/v3 (BOOTLOADER)

  • Battery percentage reporting is now more accurate.
  • Menu cursor positions are now remembered in all menus and submenus, and are only reset at power-on or when the "Defaults" menu option is executed.
  • Introduces FPGA firmware version 2.00 for use with newer units with serial number 301 and higher. Version 2.xx and 1.xx FPGA firmware are functionally indentical.

DPr v1.04 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)/v3 (BOOTLOADER)

  • The menus have been reworked for greater congruence with other products. Most notably, standardized IR sync functions have been added to the Key submenu, now named "IR&Key". "Phase" has been renamed to the more descriptive "Polarty", and the "About" page was moved to the Setup submenu.
  • IR sync prompts and confirmation messages have been standardized to match those on other equipment in this product family.
  • Tuning Groups can now contain block information which is not used or displayed by the DPr but which is nonetheless stored and passed on when groups are shared or saved.
  • The "Clock" page now shows the date and time with running seconds, and allows edits to the seconds field.
  • It is now possible to select the Volatile key policy directly from the menus.
  • The "About" page now has a neater appearance.
  • BOOTLOADER v3: When updating firmware, long file names now scroll so the entire filename can be seen.

DPr v1.03 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)

  • Fixed a bug wherein the "Default" command didn't always store the settings if the power was turned off immediately.
  • In the event that the FPGA fails to boot, an error message is displayed on the LCD.

DPr v1.02 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)

  • Initial production release.