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DBSM Firmware Revision History

DBSM v2.00 (SUPER)/v2.00 (FPGA)/v2 (BOOT)

  • "Wipe Key" operation now returns to IR&Keys menu on completion.
  • Note: this version for use only with:
    • DBSM serial number 630 and higher
    • DBSMD serial number 591 and higher
    Version 2.xx firmware is not compatible with earlier units. Use version 1.xx firmware for those.

DBSM v1.04 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)/v2 (BOOT)

  • Fix bug sometimes causing user interface to "freeze" sometimes although the unit is still transmitting normally.
  • Improved reliability of "auto-on" feature.
  • Now, while issuing one-time prompt for battery configuration, SD card detection is deferred until after prompt is answered.

DBSM v1.03 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)/v2 (BOOT)

  • Battery percentage reporting is now more accurate. This improved accuracy requires that the transmitter know whether it is a one-battery or two-battery model. New transmitters in the DBSM family will be pre-programmed at the factory with the number of batteries for each particular model. However, existing units receiving a firmware upgrade will have to be manually set for one or two batteries. Please follow these instructions:
    • At the first power-on after installing the new firmware, a one-time "#Batts?" prompt is issued. The choices are "1xAA" and "2xAA", neither of which is selected by default. Use the arrow keys to make the choice, then press the MENU/SEL key. A confirmation screen then appears. If the wrong choice was made, it is possible at this point to press BACK to return to the original prompt and correct it. If the right number of batteries appears on the confirmation screen, the arrow keys should be used to select "Yes". Press the MENU/SEL key to finish and dismiss the screen.
  • Menu cursor positions are now remembered in all menus and submenus, and are only reset at power-on or when the "Defaults" menu option is executed.
  • "Auto on" feature now works after unit shuts down due to critically low battery voltage.

DBSM v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.00 (FPGA)/v2 (BOOT)

  • Fixed bug that could cause encryption system failure / loss of audio in certain circumstances.

DBSM v1.00 (SUPER)/v1.00 (FPGA)/v2 (BOOT)

  • Initial production release.