VRWB (Venue) Firmware Revision History

VRWB v6.0 - 11 December 2018

Substituted NU Hybrid (NUH) and NU Hybrid with talkback (NTB) for 100 Series and Mode 6 compatibility modes, respectively.

Removed REFUMAUS mode.

Fixed rounding error in "mhz" serial update command.

VRWB v5.6 - 07 July 2015

Fixed test tone signal routing bug: If test tones were used in conjunction with ratio diversity, tones could sometimes appear at the requested jack and one that wasn't the requested channel's diversity companion.

Improved debouncing of power switch, so power will not come back on due to switch bounce when the button is released at power-off.

VRWB v5.5 - 21 March 2013

Added a new analog compatibility mode: "Mode 7". Also enhanced squelch system to ignore supersonic emissions from transmitters (especially the native "Mode 7" analog transmitter).

VRWB v5.3 - 31 July 2012

Modified PLL logic for improved module detection with newer Rev. B modules.

VRWB v5.2 - 22 May 2012

Modified GUI interface to expose Talk Back activity and control (for use with VRpanel version 3.1 or later). TX battery status has been adjusted to increase accuracy with lithium style batteries. Start-up routine has been modified to prevent the need for "re-detection" after power up with newer style receiver modules (Rev. B).

VRWB v5.1 - 22 February 2012

Fixed a bug that prevented Ratio Diversity from being selected.

VRWB v5.0 - 09 January 2012

Modified PLL compatibility for use with new PLL IC. Added Talk Back functionality for use with new HH transmitter. Fixed a minor timing bug that resulted in occasional jumpy rotary control. Version 5.0 (or later) is necessary for newer modules built with the PLL IC, and is fully backward compatible with older style modules.

VRWB v2.3 - 19 January 2010

Fixed a bug in version 2.2 that limited the opportunity for detection of modules with laggy (but not broken) PLL's. On occasion, instead of being detected, they would show as an unknown block, depicted by a "?" on the main screen.

VRWB v2.2 - 13 December 2010

Added logic to allow the future use of different PLL IC's in modules. Added compatibility for a new eeprom IC. The logic works with both new and old IC's alike. Lastly, the module detection algorithm was modified to acknowledge a module, even if the detection signature was unknown. The user is then able to manually assign a block to that module.

VRWB v2.1 - February 10 2010

Removed an erroneous pilot tone indicator in mode 3 receiver detail screen. Improved diversity and noise squelch systems for substantially quieter operation under moderate to weak RF conditions.

VRWB v2.0 - 03 September 2009

Fixed a register initialization error that could theoretically cause the DSP to not boot during system start up. No evidence has surfaced that this bug has ever manifest.

VRWB v1.9 - 18 August 2009


Scaling for european units only applied to the low band signal in relevant modes (hybrid & exp200), increasing apparent RF sensitivity.

  • Bug fixes and further sonic refinement to mode 3.
  • Fixed noise floor in combined diversity modes.
  • Limited occurrence of "Check Frequency" message.
  • Added compatibility for new analog headphones switch.

(This firmware works with both old and new hardware versions, and knows which switch is installed by the unit's serial number.)

VRWB v1.8 - 27 May 2009

Module detection algorithm modified to avoid slight tick in audio. Channel indicator in custom mode now uses hexadecimal rather than a decimal channel number. Applied bug fixes and sonic refinement to mode 3.

VRWB v1.7 - 14 July 2008

Cleaned up displays when special, three-digit frequency blocks are used.

VRWB v1.6 - 13 June 2008

Fixed ratio diversity display bug. SmartTune(tm) will no longer select frequencies in the U.S. astronomy band (608-614 MHz). Corrected warning threshold voltage for AA lithium batteries. Fixed bug involving low battery status in frequency diversity mode. Battery timer now correctly rolls over from 9hrs:59min, to 0:00. Added new extended blocks for export models. Block 470 receivers now correctly only offer tuning groups B and D.

VRWB v1.5 - 06 March 2008

Added support for low band (block 470-block 26).

VRWB v1.4 - 08 January 2008

First production release.