VR (Venue) Firmware Revision History

VR v5.5 - 17 April 2013

Added a new analog compatibility mode: "Mode 7". Also enhanced squelch system to ignore supersonic emissions from transmitters (especially the native "Mode 7" analog transmitter).

VR v5.2 - 31 July 2012

Modified PLL logic for improved module detection with newer Rev. B modules.

VR v5.1 - 22 May 2012 

  • Modified PLL compatibility for use with newer Rev. B modules.
  • Added Talk Back functionality for use with compatible transmitters.
  • Modified GUI interface to expose Talk Back activity and control (for use with VRpanel version 3.1 or later).
  • Modified start-up routine for reliable acquisition of newer modules.

VR v4.3 - 12 August 2008

  • Modified some filter coefficients in the DSP to help with quick audio transients (snaps & claps).
  • Applied bug fixes and sonic refinements to mode 3.
  • Limited occurrence of 'Check Freq' message.
  • Battery timer now rolls over at 10 hours.
  • Fixed noise floor in combined diversity modes.

VR v4.2 17 June 2008

Corrected minor ratio diversity display bugs. SmartTune(tm) will no longer select frequencies in the U.S. astronomy band (608-614 MHz). Corrected warning threshold voltage for AA lithium batteries. Fixed bug involving low battery status in frequency diversity mode.

VR v4.0 - 18 January 2008

Added SmartTune(tm) feature. Also improved response to fast keypresses.

VR v3.9 - 07 March 2007

Corrected an overflow error that caused excessive distortion in 200 Series mode when the transmitter was in extreme limiting. Note that this is a separate fix from the one in v3.7.

VR v3.8 - 28 August 2006

Adjusted RF meter response for more accurate readings when used with Rev. B and newer main boards.

VR v3.7 - 12 June 2006

Corrected a firmware bug that caused excessive distortion in 200 Series mode when the transmitter was in limiting.

VR v3.5 - 06 September 2005

Fixed obscure bug where setting a VR receiver to Factory Defaults didn't fully restore the default diversity modes until the next power cycle.

VR v3.4 - 19 July 2005

Dynamic noise reduction audio filter now uses supersonic noise rather than RF signal strength indication to deliver improved audio performance.

VR v3.3 - 01 July 2005

Added "mode 6".

VR v3.2 - 09 May 2005

Beginning with this version, the 3.x branch is compatible with ALL VR units. Use the latest 3.x firmware to replace 2.x firmware. v3.2 fixes a bug causing diversity mode changes made via the serial port to take effect only after the next power cycle. Tx battery status reporting was added to the Rx info screen.

VR v3.1 - 10 January 2005

Firmware now issues warning messages when strong off-frequency signals are received. Increased limiter overhead in 200 Series compatibility mode. Fixed diversity and squelch systems for quieter operation.

VR v2.1 - 06 August 2004

First production release.