UCR100 Firmware Revision History


This model is not capable of firmware updates in the field so no files are available for download. Contact Lectrosonics if you need a firmware update.


UCR100 v2.1 - 18 February 2009

The watchdog timer in newer micros is slightly faster, resulting in erroneous resets at very low temperatures. This version disables the watchdog timer, but is otherwise identical to v2.0.

UCR100 v2.0 - 28 June 2005

Adapted for use with the National LMX2353 PLL. Use this version only with RF board equipped with the National part. For older RF boards, use v1.4.

UCR100 v1.4 - 22 August 2001

Added support for extended blocks.

UCR100 v1.3 - 24 July 2001

This version is the same as v1.2, but it is recompiled for use with the newer flash-based PIC16F872 microcontroller.

UCR100 v1.2 - 01 October 1999

Switched to low side injection to correct audio phase.

UCR100 v1.1 - 15 September 1999

First production release.