SRc Firmware Revision History

The SRUSB Firmware Update Adapter is required to update the SRc receiver.


SRc v1.31 - 17 November 2022

  • Warning messages now appear only when the main page is displayed. The user is no longer interrupted by warning messages when working in the menu system.

SRc v1.28 - 06 December 2021

  • Fix problem in certain recently manufactured units where, when the transmitter for channel 1 was turned off, a noise burst was heard in the channel 2 audio output. Only SRC (not SRC5P) units in the serial number range 8730 to 9324 are affected.

SRc v1.26 - 18 November 2019

  • A LOCALE selector now appears in the setup menus for block 941 and bands B1 and B2.
    • On block 941, the LOCALE selections are US (covering 941.525 to 951.975, 952.875 to 956.225 and 956.475 to 959.825 MHz for transmitters certified for use in the US only) and CA (covering 941.525 to 951.975, 953.025 to 956.225 and 956.475 to 959.825 MHz, for /E07 transmitters certified for operation in both the US and Canada).
    • On bands B1 and B2, the LOCALE selections are NA (default setting, frequencies in the 608-614 MHz range blocked out) and EU (full coverage). This LOCALE setting takes the place of information previously entered at the beginning of a SmartTune operation on bands B1 and B2; now SmartTune only prompts for the transmitter's band or block, with coverage restrictions being indicated by the LOCALE setting.
  • On band C2, the LOCALE selections are unchanged. They are "--" (default setting, full coverage) and "JA" for /E02 transmitters for the Japan market, where coverage stops at 713.9 MHz).

SRc v1.25 - 10 June 2019

  • Modify SmartTune behavior to disallow frequencies in the range 614.000 to 614.375 when band B1N or block 23N are selected.

SRc v1.24 - 08 April 2019

  • Band A1 receivers now correctly report slight self interference at frequencies very near 488.4 MHz and 497.6 MHz, helping users to avoid those frequencies using Smart Tune, Scan or the RF meter.
  • The language of the "CHECK FREQ" warning is now different when the unit is in Ratio Diversity mode, since it's not possible to check the receivers individually.

SRc v1.23 - 30 October 2018

  • Added "Nu Hybrid" compatibility mode for use with newer digital hybrid transmitters.

SRc v1.21 - 07 May 2018

  • Fixed bug, introduced in v1.19, wherein the block and hex code of the first receiver was always displayed in the stopped scan window, even when the second receiver's cursor was selected (blinking). Now the block and hex code of the selected receiver (corresponding with the blinking cursor) is displayed in this window.

SRc v1.20 - 16 March 2018

  • The Scan and SmartTune functions on band A1 units no longer duplicate a portion of the spectrum on the display.
  • Added support for the LB-50 transmitter battery type used in SSM transmitter.

SRc v1.18 - 26 February 2018

  • Fixed bug, affecting band A1 only, which caused scan data to be displayed incorrectly and make Smart Tune select a suboptimal frequency.
  • Suppress spurious text "X1" which sometimes appeared in lower right corner of scan screen when browsing frequencies.

SRc v1.16 - 14 December 2017

  • Fixed problem causing the scan function to show incorrect RF levels at the lowest frequency in the band.

SRc v1.15 - 06 December 2017

  • Improved method for adding or removing channels from user groups 'u' and 'v'.
  • Changed appearance of cursors in scan mode so it is easier to distinguish channel 1 from channel 2.
  • Fixed "disappearing group tuning symbol" display bug.

SRc v1.14 - 30 October 2017

  • Fix bug introduced in v1.13 causing unreliable pilot tone detection when RX1 and RX2 set to certain pairings of different compatibility modes (for example Digital Hybrid in one, Mode 7 in the other).

SRc v1.13 - 16 August 2017

  • Added support for new frequency band B2.
  • Expose LOCALE menu option only on band B2 units.

SRc v1.11 - 22 December 2016

  • Fixed bug where audio level setup screen didn't always save settings correctly, causing level to be off by 1dB on next powerup.

SRc v1.10 - 22 December 2016

  • Changed name of Japanese mode 3 compatibility mode from "MODE 3J" to "JA MODE3".

SRc v1.09 - 22 December 2016

  • Added LOCALE setting, which appears in menu only on C2 band units. The two options are currently "--" and "JA". If "JA" is selected, C2 band coverage stops at 713.9 MHz in accordance with radio spectrum allocation in Japan; if "--" is selected, C2 band coverage goes all the way to 716.775 MHz.
  • Fixed a user interface anomaly: if the SYNC page is displayed at the same time that an "irsend" command is received via the serial port, now the correct channel number indicator will always blink during IR transmission.

SRc v1.08 - 22 December 2016

  • Introduced two new compatibility modes for Japan:
    • JA HYBR - Digital Hybrid with correct pilot tone levels. Supports talkback feature.
    • MODE 3J - Mode 3 with correct audio levels.
    Full IR sync support was added for the new modes.

SRc v1.07 - 20 September 2016

  • When the BACK button is used to stop a scan in progress, the first receiver's channel is now properly restored to its pre-scan value.
  • In the receiver tuning pages, Menu+Up and Menu+Down now adjust the frequency by 1.6 MHz (a single hex code digit, the same as the SRB) instead of 6.4 MHz (four hex code digits, as with earlier versions of SRC firmware).

SRc v1.06 - 22 June 2016

  • Fixed a bug (affecting A1 band units only) wherein the Smart Tune function didn't always choose the quietest frequency.
  • Periodic information messages like "check frequency" no longer interrupt Tune or Scan functions.
  • Single step tuning in user group entry mode (for groups U and V) now consistently conforms to the selected step size, instead of sometimes permitting 25 kHz steps when the 100 kHz step size was selected.

SRc v1.05 - 07 April 2016

First production release.