SRb/E01 with SuperSlot Firmware Revision History

The 5.x firmware series is for SRb/E01 units with field modification SRB001 installed (the SuperSlot upgrade).

The SRUSB Firmware Update Adapter is required to update the SRb receiver with the SuperSlot upgrade.


SRb v5.4 - 10 June 2019

  • Add new compatibility modes: NU Hybrid and 300 Series.
  • Add support for frequency block 606 RF boards.
  • Improve user interface for selecting compatibility modes and controlling the talkback feature.

SRb v5.3 - 25 January 2016

Added support for new RF boards using LMX2485 PLL (Rev. P). The RF board type is detected at power-on.

SRb v5.2 - 01 October 2015

  • Corrected a bug wherein a change to the diversity mode via the UART (slot) caused the LCD to show jumbled pixels until the LCD was refreshed in response to keypad navigation. Now the LCD is refreshed automatically whenever the diversity mode is changed.
  • The LCD no longer displays a status message in response to a change to the "locked" parameter via the serial port.

SRb v5.1 - 29 June 2015

Corrected slot power-on voltage threshold.

SRb v5.0 - 05 February 2015

Initial production release.