DSR4 Firmware Revision History

DSR4 v1.26 (SUPER)/v1.26 (FPGA)

  • Added frequency diversity feature.
  • Smart Tune now assigns the block correctly if a block-ambiguous frequency is selected and the transmitter's tuning range is restricted to a single block.
  • Now, when all channels are in a paired diversity mode, outputs 2 and 3 are swapped, so that both paired outputs are available at each jack (analog), and both paired outputs are available as a single AES3 stream (digital).
  • Eliminated noise bursts heard when scrolling through flexlist profiles when operating in Digital Hybrid modes.
  • Fixed slight unevenness in deep noise floor, discernable in quiet room audio with transmitter gain turned all the way down.

DSR4 v1.25 (SUPER)/v1.25 (FPGA)

  • Now supports "named" tuning group entries in Wireless Designer version 2.1.00 and higher.
  • Now reports the LB-50 battery type for digital transmitters where applicable.
  • Fix bug preventing establishment of link in block 961 at frequencies 986.7 and higher when using digital hybrid compatibility modes.

DSR4 v1.21 (SUPER)/v1.23 (FPGA)

  • D2 compatibility mode updated to improve reception of weak or distorted signals.

DSR4 v1.21 (SUPER)/v1.21 (FPGA)

  • The Test Tone page is modified to allow individual control of the level and frequency of the tone on each of the four audio outputs.
  • Improved audio meter responsiveness. Changed the scale to reflect industry standard digital audio metering, where +0 dBFS is the clip level.
  • The About page is reorganized and now shows the serial number.
  • Fixed a bug on the battery voltage display where digit '9' appeared as the letter 'F'.
  • Fixed a bug causing one RSSI meter in a vector diversity pair to show an abnormally low reading until power is cycled.

DSR4 v1.15 (SUPER)/v1.07 (FPGA)

  • FPGA now powers down unused circuits to save power.
  • For Hybrid modes only, a diversity click silencer was imported from the SRC receiver design.

DSR4 v1.15 (SUPER)/v1.05 (FPGA)

  • Added "Edit Names" option to the Settings menu.
  • Now, when performing a Group Sync IR operation with group "all" selected, the confirmation message appears only after the transaction is complete.
  • Corrected Digital Hybrid switched diversity switching thresholds and timings to eliminate unexpected clicks and dips in signal strength.

DSR4 v1.14 (SUPER)/v1.04 (FPGA)

  • Fixed a bug affecting talkback functionality, where receiver channel 3 would not time out after the carrier went away; sometimes the talkback mode could not be changed.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in FPGA v1.02, where faint artifacts could be heard in the noise floor of Digital Hybrid transmissions when the transmitter's battery was low.
  • Corrected audio phase inversion observed in certain units shipped after March 31, 2023.
  • The receiver is now more tolerant of slightly off-frequency transmitter pilot tones in FM compatibility modes.

DSR4 v1.13 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA)

  • Made changes for ease of manufacturing. No new features.

DSR4 v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA)

  • Audio outputs are now always muted during scans.
  • Fix vulnerability causing transmitter battery voltage indications to be too low when the transmitted signal contained high levels of low frequency audio.
  • To minimize power usage, AGC control voltages are now forced to 0 when receivers are powered down.
  • The 'scan=0' serial command update now restores original receiver frequencies, as is done when scanning from the front panel.
  • Fix bug causing the 'evolts?' serial query to report 0 instead of the detected input voltage.

DSR4 v1.09 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)

  • Receiver name on Detail page is now dynamically updated if altered via a serial command.
  • Now, when canceling an edit to a frequency group entry, the correct group ID appears in the title bar.
  • In the "Powering Off..." screen, residual pixels from the previously displayed page no longer appear.
  • Fixed screen refresh bug causing left-over characters to appear in the Level field on the Test Tone page.
  • Sending all groups via IR no longer causes the receiving unit to display "SYNC OK" before the transfer is complete.
  • On the Group Sync page, the Group identifier field now correctly shows "all" instead of " - " when sending or getting all groups.
  • Added escape character capability to all "name" serial command queries. Double quote characters are escaped as \", backslashes as \\.
  • Fixed 'sendfreq', 'sendall', 'getfreq', and 'getall' serial commands to support all 4 receivers instead of only the first 2.
  • Added 'nextgrpentry' and 'prevgrpentry' serial command queries. These are used when a tuning group is active to select the "next" or "previous" frequency in the group exactly as if the UP or DOWN buttons were pressed by the operator. These commands have no effect if no tuning group is active.
  • The 'pollsd' serial command now returns rssi values in the correct range of 0 to 240, with 255 as a placeholder for "no data yet".
  • Fixed bug causing 'scan?' serial command query to return an ERROR response.

DSR4 v1.05 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)

  • Improved the Tuning Group "Group Edit" user interface page. Extended tuning group entries to include an optional user defined name and an optional compatibility mode associated with the entry.
  • In Entry Edit page reached through the Group Edit page, the option to delete an entry is now a toggleable checkbox. To delete an entry, press MENU/SEL to navigate to the "Del" checkbox and press either the UP or DOWN button to check the box. Then press MENU/SEL again to show the "Go" soft button. Pressing the DOWN button will delete the entry and return to the Group Edit page.
  • The Frequency page was redesigned to present more tuning group information including tuning group name, tuning group compatability mode and tuning group entry label.
  • The Smart Tune and Scan pages have been reformatted to present data more effectively.
  • Added new keypad shortcut: simultaneously pressing the UP and DOWN buttons opens the Frequency page.
  • Added frequency "block" and hex code information to the Detail page, when applicable.
  • The Rx Ch Detail page now shows the name of a tuning group only if one is active.
  • The Test Tone page now offers a finer degree of control. Frequency can now be adjusted in 100 Hz steps from 100 to 1000 Hz, and in 1 kHz steps from 1 kHz to 20 kHz. The level can now be adjusted in 1 dB steps. Also, it's now possible to turn the test tone on or off for each output channel individually. The selected frequency and level settings apply to all channels.
  • RSSI strip charts no longer always display one pixel at the bottom.
  • Fixed bug where the block setting on the TxInfo page for a channel did not always correctly restrict the channel's tuning range.

DSR4 v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.00 (FPGA)

  • Initial production release.