DSR Firmware Revision History

DSR v1.43 (SUPER)/v1.36 (FPGA)

  • Added support for editing tuning groups entries with names and associated compatibility mode properties.
  • Fix scan screen bug: when switching from Rx1 to Rx2, the frequency at the bottom changed, but when switching back to Rx1 from Rx2, the frequency remained on Rx2's frequency.
  • Smart Tune now assigns the block correctly if a block-ambiguous frequency is selected and the transmitter's tuning range is restricted to a single block.
  • Fix anomaly where vertical red lines erroneously appeared in the frequency scan view when RF levels were very low.
  • AGC threshold adjusted to protect receiver from RF overload at high RF levels.
  • Fix slight unevenness in deep noise floor, discernable in quiet room audio with transmitter gain turned all the way down.

DSR v1.41 (SUPER)/v1.34 (FPGA)

  • D2 compatibility mode updated to improve reception of weak or distorted signals.
  • Fix bug preventing link acqusition above 986.6 MHz (band 961) in digital hybrid modes.
  • Fix bug where muting of channel 1 from Wireless Designer inadvertently caused muting of channel 2 also.
  • Fix bug where changes to audio routing settings were lost when power was cycled.

DSR v1.40 (SUPER)/v1.32 (FPGA)

  • Fix bug where RSSI meter data on the main display page was transposed, with data for antenna A appearing in the meter for antenna B and vice versa.
  • Fix bug causing receiver to ignore tuning step changes commanded by Wireless Designer. TxInfo page now updates correctly when an external change to the tuning step size or "narrowband" block occurs (applies only to Digital Hybrid compatibility modes).
  • Fix bug causing a Wireless Designer to enforce an incorrect upper frequency limit for channel 2.

DSR v1.39 (SUPER)/v1.32 (FPGA)

  • Adds enhanced Tuning Groups Feature in Main Page Navigation Mode. Quickly tune to specific group entries directly from the main display page. How it works:
    • Configure tuning groups as desired and set the receiver channels to use them.
    • From the main display page, hold down the MENU button. The receiver 1 frequency or name will be highlighted for navigation.
    • Press MENU a second time to highlight the receiver 2 frequency or name for navigation.
    • While in navigation mode, use UP and DOWN to navigate through valid entries within the receiver’s active tuning group.
    • Press MENU to toggle between the receivers.
    • Press BACK to exit the navigation mode.
    When navigating on a page with frequencies:
    • Entries will be ordered by frequency.
    • The display will show the frequency of the current entry.
    When navigating on a page with group entry names:
    • Entries will be ordered by group entry name, then by frequency if the group entry is unnamed.
    • The display will show the selected group entry name or the frequency if the group entry is unnamed.
  • Fix problem causing RSSI metering on main page to freeze when connected to Wireless Designer.

DSR v1.38 (SUPER)/v1.32 (FPGA)

  • Fixed bug on TxInfo page where, when focused on the block field, pressing the up or down buttons would not change the displayed value, making it necessary to back out and re-enter the page to see the new value.
  • Fixed bug in the Main page where the displayed frequency didn't change in response to frequency changes made over the serial command interface.
  • The serial number of the DSR is now displayed on the About page.

DSR v1.36 (SUPER)/v1.32 (FPGA)

  • Initial production release.