M2T-X Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v18Mar2022

M2T-X v3.2.06 (SUPER)/v3.03 (FPGA, H/W v0 & v1)/v5.00 (FPGA, H/W v2 & v3)

  • Add support for future model M2T/E01-B1C1. Use with Wireless Designer for Windows v2.0.51 (or higher) or Wireless Designer for macOS v2.0.49 (or higher).
  • Allow network initialization to run indefinitely instead of giving up after four seconds and never trying again. Permits device to be booted before network is available rather than requiring power sequencing.
  • Add new command "freqconfwarn" which can be used to enable or disable the frequency conflict warning popup on the front panel display when the separation of the two carriers is less than 400 kHz. Set to "0" to disable the warning and "1" to enable it.

WD Firmware Update v18Mar2022

M2T-X v3.2.04 (SUPER)/v3.03 (FPGA, H/W v0 & v1)/v5.00 (FPGA, H/W v2)

  • Improve signal suppression when RF is disabled to prevent unsquelching of receiver in very close proximity to antenna.
  • Eliminate headphone audio "fluttering" effect (small random level variations) when the headphone volume control is at the low end of its range.

WD Firmware Update v06Apr2020

M2T-X v3.2.03 (SUPER)/v3.03 (FPGA)

  • Made changes to better support internal production testing of product. No new features or bug fixes.

WD Firmware Update v19May2020

M2T-X v3.2.02 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA)

  • If both carriers are enabled and tuned to frequencies less than 400kHz apart, a warning message appears in the main display page prompting the user to correct the condition.
  • Add support for the M2T/E02 model for export to Japan. The tuning range for this model is 470.050 to 614.375 Mhz.
  • Fix typo in M2T/E06 list of power options, 10mW should be 20mW EIRP.

WD Firmware Update v05Nov2019

M2T-X v3.1.00 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA)

  • Add support for the M2T/E06 model for export to Australia. The tuning range for this model is 520.000 to 614.375 Mhz.
  • Correct model number displayed in default HTTP page.

WD Firmware Update v18Sep2019

M2T-X v3.0.01 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA)

  • Fix bug causing incorrect audio meter scaling and excess gain in Dante input channels.

WD Firmware Update v09Sep2019

M2T-X v3.0.01 (SUPER)/v3.01 (FPGA)

  • Initial release of alternate firmware load supporting AES-256 encrypted transmission.