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M2T-X Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v18Mar2022

M2T-X v3.2.04 (SUPER)/v3.03 (FPGA, H/W v0 & v1)/v5.00 (FPGA, H/W v2)

  • Improve signal suppression when RF is disabled to prevent unsquelching of receiver in very close proximity to antenna.
  • Eliminate headphone audio "fluttering" effect (small random level variations) when the headphone volume control is at the low end of its range.

WD Firmware Update v06Apr2020

M2T-X v3.2.03 (SUPER)/v3.03 (FPGA)

  • Made changes to better support internal production testing of product. No new features or bug fixes.

WD Firmware Update v19May2020

M2T-X v3.2.02 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA)

  • If both carriers are enabled and tuned to frequencies less than 400kHz apart, a warning message appears in the main display page prompting the user to correct the condition.
  • Add support for the M2T/E02 model for export to Japan. The tuning range for this model is 470.050 to 614.375 Mhz.
  • Fix typo in M2T/E06 list of power options, 10mW should be 20mW EIRP.

WD Firmware Update v05Nov2019

M2T-X v3.1.00 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA)

  • Add support for the M2T/E06 model for export to Australia. The tuning range for this model is 520.000 to 614.375 Mhz.
  • Correct model number displayed in default HTTP page.

WD Firmware Update v18Sep2019

M2T-X v3.0.01 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA)

  • Fix bug causing incorrect audio meter scaling and excess gain in Dante input channels.

WD Firmware Update v09Sep2019

M2T-X v3.0.01 (SUPER)/v3.01 (FPGA)

  • Initial release of alternate firmware load supporting AES-256 encrypted transmission.