M2Ra Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v16Oct2023

M2Ra v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)/v2.01 (FPGA, H/W v1-0)

  • SmartTune feature now only suggests frequencies that are in range for the currently selected locale.
  • Fixed popping sound heard when changing compatibility mode.

WD Firmware Update v14Jun2023

M2Ra v1.08 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)/v2.01 (FPGA, H/W v1-0)

  • Added support for frequency band B1C1.
  • FlexLists may now contain frequencies which are outside of the receiver's frequency coverage. If so, such entries appear "grayed out" in the Listen menu.
  • SmartTune now prompts for a frequency band to be selected before scanning.
  • Scan data is now preserved when the receiver is powered off.
  • When scanning, the receiver is no longer automatically tuned.
  • The info screen at startup now shows the device's frequency band.

WD Firmware Update v02Feb2023

M2Ra v1.02 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)

  • Made changes to increase efficiency of factory testing process. No new features.

WD Firmware Update v06Dec2022

M2Ra v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)

  • Added D2 and HDM compatibility modes.