IFBR1b-VHF Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v15Mar2023

IFBR1b-VHF v1.06

  • There are now two ways to lock the settings:
    • Preset Lock: Lock from the presets page. Preset navigation allowed, and the FREQ button "peeks" at frequency without altering it.
    • Hard Lock: Lock from the frequency page. The receiver cannot be tuned, and the PRESET button "peeks" at preset information without altering it.

WD Firmware Update v07Dec2022

IFBR1b-VHF v1.05

  • When settings are "locked", user may no longer navigate among the preset slots in the Preset page.
  • Prevent appearance of erroneous "LoBat" screen on power up when battery state of charge is not "low".

WD Firmware Update v20Jul2022

IFBR1b-VHF v1.04

  • Reduce level of click or pop sometimes heard when switching from one preset to another.

WD Firmware Update v15Jun2022

IFBR1b-VHF v1.03

  • Add non-volatile pilot tone squelch bypass setting, including new settings menu page titled "Pb". The default setting is "Off". If set to "On", the "LINK" LED illuminates when the unit is unmuted.
  • Improved RSSI squelch algorithm to reduce loud audio bursts when squelching at the edge of the operating range.

WD Firmware Update v04Sep2020

IFBR1b-VHF v1.02

  • First production release.