DCHR Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v30Apr2024

DCHR v1.21 (SUPER)/v3.02 (FPGA H/W v5)/v2.01 (FPGA H/W v4)/v1.12 (FPGA H/W v0,1,3)

  • D2 compatibility mode updated to improve reception of weak or distorted signals.
  • "Sync/Encryption" renamed to "IR & Keys" and it now includes a "Group Sync" menu item.
  • The default compatibility setting is now DUET mode.
  • Added support for the B1C1 frequency band.
  • Now, when pressing the power button to power up the receiver, it doesn't power down again if the button is held too long.
  • Automatic low voltage shutdown logic now requires that the low voltage condition persist for 5 seconds before the device shuts down.
  • Fixed bug in the Scan page where selected frequencies at the edge of the scan view were not displayed when the scan was zoomed.

WD Firmware Update v19Jun2023

DCHR v1.17 (SUPER)/v3.00 (FPGA H/W v5)/v2.00 (FPGA H/W v4)v1.11 (FPGA H/W v0,1,3)

  • Fixes a vulnerability to certain types of flickering lights which confused the IR port and caused the microprocessor to hang.

WD Firmware Update v05Sep2022

DCHR v1.15 (SUPER)/v3.00 (FPGA H/W v5)/v2.00 (FPGA H/W v4)/v1.11 (FPGA H/W v0,1,3)

  • Compatibility release for audio boards with hardware version DCHR-5. No new features.

WD Firmware Update v13Jul2022

DCHR v1.13 (SUPER)/v2.00 (FPGA H/W v4)/v1.11 (FPGA H/W v0,1,3)

  • Compatibility release for audio boards with hardware version DCHR-4. No new features.

WD Firmware Update v28Oct2021

DCHR v1.12 (SUPER)/v1.11 (FPGA H/W v0,1,3)

  • Fixed reversed headphone output audio polarity.

WD Firmware Update v06Apr2021

DCHR v1.08 (SUPER)/v1.10 (FPGA H/W v0,1)

  • Add HDM compatability mode.
  • Disable power button when settings are locked.
  • Don't highlight the selected item in the frequency list when the group selection control has the focus.
  • Rename "Freq Group Edit" item in RF setup menu to "Tuning Groups".

WD Firmware Update v13Jan2021

DCHR v1.07 (SUPER)/v1.07 (FPGA H/W v0,1)

  • Implement Frequency Group sync operations "Send Group" and "Get Group", adding them to the "Sync/Encryption" menu.
  • Separate mix mode settings are now stored for each compatibility mode. When the compatibility mode is changed, the associated mix mode is recalled automatically.
  • When adding a frequency to a group in the Freq Group Edit page, the entry control now defaults to the last frequency added.
  • Default compatibility mode changed to DCHX.
  • The DCHT now conforms to Lectrosonics's new 2-way IR Universal Sync Protocol, meaning that now or soon, it will be able to perform the four basic IR sync operations ("Send Freq", "Send All", "Get Freq" and "Get All") with any other 2-way IR equipped Lectrosonics wireless product.
  • Fix bug causing "tone in headphones" function to fail if test tone is toggled on/off in the "Audio Level" page before enabling the function in the "Test Tone in HP" page.
  • In "Locale" page, allow non-destructive browsing of locale options such that the frequency of operation remains unchanged on exit from the page if the locale setting wasn't changed.
  • AES3 output sample rate is now 48k for all compatibility modes. AES3 output in Duet and DCHX modes, previously 24k, is internally upsampled to 48k.

WD Firmware Update v09Nov2020

DCHR v1.06 (SUPER)/v1.05 (FPGA H/W v0,1)

  • Fix bug where audio output type (analog or AES3) not proper re-initialized after invoking the "Tools/Settings->Default" menu option.
  • Fix transmitter battery voltage reporting bug causing erroneous values for digital transmitters whose battery voltage exceeded 3.1 volts.
  • Fixed bug where, in rare cases, a valid transmitted signal was not acquired by the DCHR immediately after power-up.

WD Firmware Update v23Oct2020

DCHR v1.05 (SUPER)/v1.04 (FPGA H/W v0,1)

  • Fix bug where, if using Volatile key type, no valid audio was received even though a good RF link was indicated after sending the key to the transmitter.
  • Fix bug where, if using Volatile key type, the Sync/Encryption menu did not show the correct options when viewed after cycling power.
  • When sending a Volatile or Standard key, display count of instances remaining.
  • When attempting to send a Volatile or Standard key over IR, warn user when available key instances are exhausted.

WD Firmware Update v14Oct2020

DCHR v1.04 (SUPER)/v1.03 (FPGA H/W v0,1)

  • Initial public release.