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DBu-LEMO/E01 Firmware Revision History

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WD Firmware Update v11Aug2022

DBu-LEMO/E01 v1.03 (SUPER)/v1.06 (FPGA, H/W v1)/v2.00 (FPGA, H/W v2)

  • The menus have been reworked for greater congruence with other product with the "ProgSw", "Rolloff", "BatType", "Remote", "Locked?", "AutoOn" and "Default" items moved to a new "Setup" menu. The "Gain", "Rolloff" and "Phase" items moved to a new "Input" menu. The "Freq" and "TxPower" items moved to a new "Xmit" menu.
  • The power button menu was removed and the "AutoOn", "Backlit", "LED Off" and "About" items moved to the new "Setup" menu. The "RF On" menu item moved to the new "Xmit" menu. Now the power button is used only for turning power on or off.
  • Brought IR sync menu into compliance with new protocol. User can now select from options "SendFreq", "GetFreq", "SendAll" and "GetAll" in a new "IR&Key" menu.
  • Change IR "settings received" notification to "IR SYNC OK".
  • Fixed a bug in "Default" menu where the menu button was unable to choose the "No" option.
  • Implement high resolution battery voltage reporting and improve accuracy of battery status meter.
  • Return to menu after wiping the encryption key.
  • Do not allow powering off unit via menu or held-down power button when settings are locked.
  • Do not allow modification of RF power level setting when settings are locked.
  • Do not power up unused PLL to reduce power consumption.
  • Fixed bug causing reversed audio polarity on the PSA (Point Source Audio) microphone preset.
  • Added support for band B1C1.

WD Firmware Update v29May2020

DBu-LEMO/E01 v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.06 (FPGA)

  • Changes to ease testing of product at factory. No new features or difference in performance.