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DBu Firmware Revision History

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WD Firmware Update v22Mar2022

DBu v1.20 (SUPER)/v1.06 (FPGA, H/W v1)/v2.00 (FPGA, H/W v2)

  • Do not allow powering off unit via menu or held-down power button when settings are locked.
  • Do not allow modification of RF power level setting when settings are locked.
  • Change IR "settings received' notification to "IR SYNC OK".
  • Implement high resolution battery voltage reporting.
  • Return to menu after wiping the encryption key.
  • Do not power up unused PLL to reduce power consumption.

WD Firmware Update v04Sep2019

DBu v1.18 (SUPER)/v1.06 (FPGA)

  • Improve audio input limiter transparency.

WD Firmware Update v12Jul2019

DBu v1.18 (SUPER)/v1.05 (FPGA)

  • Temporarily removed tuning groups feature until improved version is ready.

WD Firmware Update v22May2019

DBu v1.17 (SUPER)/v1.05 (FPGA)

  • Initial production release.