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DCR822 Firmware Revision History

DCR822 v1.13 (SUPER)/v1.09 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Battery alert timer is now adjustable to 100 hours, covering the full range of possible battery timer readings.
  • Tuning group navigation on the Frequency setup page now "wraps" at the limits: UP from the highest frequency in the group moves to the lowest frequency in the group, and DOWN from the lowest frequency in the group moves to the highest frequency in the group.
  • Now, if one of the receiver's PLLs is experiencing an unlocked condition, the frequency display on the main window will blink. Blinking for a second or two when the frequency has just been changed, e.g. due to an IR sync even, is normal. Persistent blinking indicates an error requiring service. Note: This feature applies only to the main window. A blinking frequency display on the Frequency setup page indicates that the currently tuned frequency is not a member of the active tuning group.
  • The transmitter battery timer now rolls at 99 hours 59 minutes. Previously it rolled at 9 hours 59 minutes, which is too short for some newer transmitter models.
  • When using the Stop command in the SD Card menu to stop a recording in progress, the SD Card menu remains on the display. Previously, stopping a recording forced all menus to exit.
  • A bug was fixed wherein the main window link indicator would indicate a good link even in encrypted modes requiring a key, when the receiver had no key. Now a blinking "KEY?" indication is correctly displayed in this case.
  • During active reception of an encrypted digital signal (e.g. D2 mode), visiting the TxBat Type setup screen could result in an incorrect battery type being displayed for a fraction of a second, followed by the correct battery type. Now only the correct battery type is shown.
  • Menus and submenus now return to the same highlighted item when reentered. Exceptions: Menu cursors are reset each time the receiver is powered on, and whenever the "Default" command is issued.
  • Transmitter battery voltage is now displayed correctly in Digital Hybrid compatibility modes in the special case where only the right-hand antenna has a good signal.
  • Now, if a change is made on the Frequency setup page which changes the associated frequency "block" without affecting the frequency, the pilot tone is updated immediately to reflect the change.
  • Now, audio test tones register on the audio meters and appear in any ongoing SD card audio recordings.

DCR822 v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.08 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Added HDM compatibility mode.

DCR822 v1.09 (SUPER)/v1.08 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Fix bug introduced in FPGA v1.06 causing intermittent crackling sounds in audio when distance between transmitter and receiver was less than 5 feet.

DCR822 v1.09 (SUPER)/v1.07 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Fix bug causing Group Sync functions to work only when group U was selected.
  • An "IR SYNC OK" message now appears in response to a successful Group Send or Group Get request.

DCR822 v1.08 (SUPER)/v1.07 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Group Sync option has been moved to the IR&Keys submenu.
  • Changing the locale setting now implicitly retunes the receivers as needed to avoid any newly excluded frequencies.
  • When adding a block-ambiguous frequency to a group, the block now defaults to the block most recently selected in editing session.

DCR822 v1.07 (SUPER)/v1.07 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Fix bug introducted in v1.06 which caused IR GetAll function to not work with all transmitters.
  • It is no longer possible for noise to come from audio outputs associated with powered-down receivers.
  • Fixed bug in DCHX modes that was introduced by v1.06. Symptom was garbled audio on some acquisitions.

DCR822 v1.06 (SUPER)/v1.06 (FPGA)/v1.01 (BOOT)

  • Now there are four variants of the home screen, selectable via the BACK button (case 1181). Preference persists through menu accesses and power cycles.
  • Group Sync functionality (sharing tuning group data with other products via IR) was added to the RF Setup menu.
  • IR sync capability brought up to date with Lectrosonics 2-way IR Universal Sync Protocol.
  • In NA Locale, frequency 607.950 MHz is no longer erroneously disabled.
  • In D2 compatibility mode, completely fresh batteries will no longer result in an incorrect battery voltage report.
  • It is now possible to recover interrupted 3-track audio recordings.
  • Receiver is no longer vulnerable to having an invalid compatibility mode type stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Cursor no longer disappears when navigating the Group Add screen.
  • When updating firmware, long file names now scroll so the entire filename can be seen. Also, upon choosing "Exit" from the firmware update menu, "Exiting" is displayed, instead of "Powering Off"

DCR822 v1.05 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA)/v1.00 (BOOT)

  • Fixes intermittent bug causing RF meters to be pegged on one receiver from power-on until power-off.
  • Fixed a bug where powering on via the pushbutton with a data card installed could result in the unit powering itself off again.

DCR822 v1.03 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)/v1.02 (FPGA)/v1.00 (BOOT)

  • Fixed a bug wherein battery telemetry for the second receiver sometimes did not appear unless the first receiver's signal was present.
  • Fixed a bug in the recently added delayed-on feature, where it was still possible for the device to power on instantly if the power button is bumped.

DCR822 v1.02 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)/v1.02 (FPGA)/v1.00 (BOOT)

  • Added "delayed-on" power-up feature.
  • Fixed inaccurate transmitter battery meter indications in Digital Hybrid modes.
  • Moved "Compat Mode" menu access to top level menu.

DCR822 v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)/v1.02 (FPGA)/v1.00 (BOOT)

  • Fixed inverted audio output polarity
  • NOTE: FPGA firmware v1.01 must be used with SUPER (microcontroller) firmware v1.01 and higher.

DCR822 v1.00 (SUPER)/v1.00 (FPGA)/v1.02 (FPGA)/v1.00 (BOOT)

  • Initial production release.