Repair Policy

In order to minimize repair turnaround times and operate efficiently Lectrosonics has in place the following repair policies:

For All Repairs:

Contact our service department at 1‐800‐821‐1121 and ask for the customer service department or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Explain the nature of the problem with the product – if it is determined that a repair is needed, the service representative will issue a repair order # (RO#) on the phone and give you instructions for shipping. We will ask for your credit card number for non‐warranty repairs when issuing the RO#..

Warranty Repairs:

If the unit is a warranty repair – as determined by the date of purchase or when we shipped it, we will issue the RO# and service the unit at no charge. If it has been used in such a fashion that the warranty is voided, then we will contact you with an estimate before continuing. This will happen only if a “warranty” repair proves to be otherwise.

Non-Warranty Repairs:

If it is out of warranty or there is any question regarding warranty status, we will quote, up front, a repair price range – labor plus parts with a minimum/maximum charge. If the unit repair costs fall under the maximum limit, the unit will be shipped and your credit card charged for the repair. If there are extra‐ordinary charges beyond the maximum amount, you will be called for authorization before we proceed with the repair. We will call ONLY if the repair exceeds the quoted maximum. If the estimate is declined, there will be a $75 diagnostic and handling charge invoiced to your credit card and we will return the unit un‐repaired.

In either case we will need the following information – Model number and serial number of all components, date of purchase, detailed nature of problem and detailed shipping instructions – To expedite our service, we will ask for your credit card number and/or purchase order number before issuing the repair order number. This will happen during your initial call for service. This will help us speed up the service time and return your units faster. If you are on a mobile location and need a call for a forwarding address before we ship it back, let us know during the initial call and we will make a note to call for shipping instructions.

With these policies in place we aim to streamline the service process and reduce our service time . Effective October 1, 2008. Questions? Please call us at 1‐800‐821‐1121.

NOTE: Products with serial numbers that have been deliberately removed will NOT be repaired by Lectrosonics Service Departments.

Unpaid Services:

All articles left for repair and not called for in 3 months will be sold for charges pursuant to Section 48-3-22 through 48-3-27 NMSA 1978.