The Deer Valley Challenge


"The terrain at ski events presents big challenges to sound production at the Deer Valley International Ski Competition. To run cable from the mountain top all the way to the finish areas would be almost impossible," reports Hoyt Atkinson, after completing his company’s twelfth year as the live sound producers for Deer Valley's competition. "The Lectrosonics R400A receiver and UT400 transmitters made a big difference for us this year. Even when we were using the microphones a good 300-350 feet from the receiver...the sound quality was indiscernible from a wired mic.

"Event organizers mentioned that they'd never had a wireless mic like that before. They were very impressed with it. We hadn't used Lectrosonics previously at Deer Valley, and for the first time in twelve years we didn't have to worry about wireless microphone issues. Just turn it on, give it to the talent and you'll have no problems or worries."