Rapides Et Dangereuses



I worked on an 'action doc' about a woman who races highly-modified jeeps.

I had a um200c series transmitter on her. She wore it through her final race. At one point, the Jeep hit a huge jump, flies through the air, and lands in a massive puddle. The door-less and windowless Jeep was soaked! She was soaked and in the landing, the transmitter fell to the floor of the Jeep and was also soaked. I was worried. It was a bad drop and then all the water... When I got the mic back, it seemed dead. I turned it on and off...nothing. Put a fresh battery in, nothing. Dried it off as best I could (there was even water IN the battery compartment)...nothing. But after about an hour of drying out, I tried it again and it turned on fine. I checked the lav mic (Sanken cos 011), checked levels, listened for the sound and all was well. Not fragile!