Racing Sizzle


I should start off the story with a link.

Take a few minutes to watch a sizzle we put together for a friend who was trying to work his way up the stock car racing circuit. All wireless was Lectrosonics b/c I can trust them in the harshest environments. 

For every race I would put a mic in Roddey's helmet and tape the transmitter on the back. (The deedle function came in immensely helpful in these situations) and I would put a 411 and zoom recorder in the black leather bag and gaff them to a roll bar inside the race car. One race he was hit in the side and the crew had to cut some parts off. In doing so they somehow cut through some of the gaff and loosened the grip on the bag.  

After the race I went to retrieve the receiver and recorder from the car and they were gone. I freaked.

I looked over in turn 1 where a second wreck occurred near the end of the race and saw the black leather bag laying near the top of the track where it had fallen out the side of the car where they cut a panel off and slid to the top of the track.

I got an official to let me jump the infield wall and run up to the top of the turn to get the bag.  The batteries had popped out of the zoom but the 411 was still on and functional.  

That's jus one of the many stories I have to attest to the durability of Lectrosonics products.

Chandler Harkey

TA Films