Flight Risk?...No Problem!


To whom it may concern,

I'm writing you today to share a major success story from a recent experience with a Lectrosonics SMV (250mw) with Sanken Cub-1 connected.

I was working on a show two weeks ago with sound mixer Aron Siegel and Utility Paul Sorohan at an airport. The small, 6 passenger airplane was taking off and landing on a runway and due to the limited space, only the pilot, talent and 3 camera department members were allowed on board.

Paul put the Cub-1 and SMV where talent was sitting (looking out the window) while I ran out the shark fins as far as the airport would allow which wasn't far. Surprisingly, when airplane was in line of sight to the shark fins, we had a fairly constantly signal from the SMV with an occasional drop out which Paul and I (Aron was away meeting with a producer at the time) were impressed by. We heard almost constantly, with very few dropouts, during every take off, landing and touch and go.

Of course, the signal would start dropping after the plane got up around 100 ft off the ground. Impressively, as the plane would circle around for landing, there was a time where it was flying right to left in the sky (parallel to the runway) in front of us. Despite being a LONG way away, we'd start picking up the transmitter again with heavy noise at first but from about 10 degrees to the left and right of straight in front of me, the signal was very strong with limited dropouts. Paul (mixing) and I were tripping out at how good the signal was. The ADs and PAs were useless at telling anyone at the hangar what was going on so me and Paul would tell people around us what was about to happen because we'd hear the pilot requesting permission to land, touch and go, etc as they flew by. It was very cool!

Thanks for making solid products and I look forward to seeing what you come out with next!

- Allen Williams (boom op)