USB Adapter for Mac Computers

Below is a link to the current Wireless Designer USB Adapter for Mac package. This is a Mac OS X Disk Image file. After downloading open it and move the app to folder of your choice. 

This is a USB Adapter program needed for DR, M2T, Venue 2 and legacy "Wideband" Venue Receiver models to be connected via USB to a Mac computer running Wireless Designer. 

Version 1.2 includes support for new products M2T, M2T/E01 and M2R along with support for the SRc and SRB with SuperSlot upgrade (requires the SRUSB accessory device).

Start the USB Adapter BEFORE starting Wireless Designer. Then open Wireless Designer and connect to your devices.

Note: this has been tested only on OS X El Capitan and later, which have a re-written USB stack for OS X. The adapter program is not tested on earlier versions of OS X.


USB Adapter for Mac Computers v1.2
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