System Design Kit

This zip archive file contains the installer for the LecNet2 System Design Kit. Unzip this file to a temporary location on your hard drive and run the installer (setup.exe).

The Design Kit includes:

  • LecNet2 System Design Guide
    This contains a comprehensive discussion of topics including automatic mic mixing, teleconferencing, mix-minus speaker zoning, and control systems for installed sound systems. It presents several example sound system designs:
    • Boardroom/Conference Room
    • Courtroom System
    • City Council Chamber
    • Collegiate Distance Learning Classroom
    • Multi-room Combining System
    • Worship Center
    The kit includes Visio drawings for each example system as well as the supporting preset and macro files.
  • PagNag Calculator Program
    This handy program is described in the Design Guide and is used for installed sound system acoustic calculations.
  • System Design drawings and templates
    These include:
    • Front and rear panel elevations for all members of the LecNet2 product family in multiple formats: .vsd, .dwg, .wmf, .eps, and more.
    • Visio stencil files for all members of the LecNet2 product family.
    • A Visio template file with drawing parameters, scales, and all stencils needed for LecNet2 system design in Visio.

The Design Kit is also included in the LecNet2 Installation Disk.

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