USB Driver Installer

PLEASE NOTE: These drivers are intended for NEW 32-bit and 64-bit Windows installations. DO NOT install the new 32-bit USB driver package over an existing, working installation on 32-bit Windows XP or Vista PCs - this will cause a conflict between old and new 32-bit driver packages which will prevent USB connections from working correctly.

ALSO NOTE: Many LecNet2 and Venue software packages are bundled together currently.

This file contains the installers for the Venue USB drivers.

Unzip this file to a temporary folder on your hard drive, and open this folder using Windows File Explorer.

To install the 32-bit USB driver package, run Install32-bitUsbDrivers.exe. To install the 64-bit USB driver package, run Install64-bitUsbDrivers.exe.

These are the installers included in the LecNet2 Installation Disk release of  14May2012.

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