AMX Modules

ASPEN series control v1.0

A AMX archive (.zip) that contains a sample program to control the entire ASPEN series of products. There are a total of 11 modules included. We also provided some additional helper modules (Selectors) for the programmer who is new to AMX. All of the modules are event driven (no need for polling). All modules have been submitted to AMX for certification and implementation into the SIMPL Windows IDE. To install now, open this file as an archive file within SIMPL. This will place all of the precompiled code into the proper folders and expose the modules for use within SIMPL. Under the Bookmarks tab within SIMPL, you can select to view only the modules that are used per ASPEN device. Pressing F1 on any input/output module will launch a PDF help file.

ASPEN series control VTP v1.0

This zip file contains the VTP file for the sample program. Feel free to arrange any of the embedded graphics to suit your needs for control.

ASPEN series control v1.0 screenshots

This zip file contains all the screenshots of the VTP file for the sample program.


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