Venue - Firmware Download

Firmware updates can be installed into a LecNet2 product using the Control Panel software (running on your PC or laptop computer) and a USB cable. The latest firmware for each product can be downloaded using the links below. These files are zip archives, and must be unzipped before use.

Be sure that you know which Venue Receiver model you have before attempting to update firmware, so that you select the correct download! The "Narrowband" Venue Receiver is the original model covering 2 frequency "blocks". The recently introduced "Wideband" models cover blocks 21 - 29 (VRMWB) or blocks 470 - 26 (VRMWBL). The "944 MHz" model (VRM944) covers only the special part 74 frequency band starting at, well, 944 MHz. Contact the factory for assistance if you have any doubt about the identity of a Venue Receiver.

Venue - Narrowband
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