Installing the DNT USB drivers

The DNT USB drivers are installed from the DNT Installation Disk which comes with each device. Normally this is done before connecting a DNT device to the PC for the first time, but it can be done afterwards if necessary. The driver installation only needs to be done once on a PC.

The DNT Device Installer is also available as a download from the Lectrosonics web site, in the DNT Support section.

Step 1

Place the DNT Installation Disk into the CD-ROM drive. If "AutoRun" is enabled on that drive then the DNT Installation Disk utility will open.


Note: If AutoRun is not enabled then use Start->Run  to run "autorun.exe" on the drive holding the DNT Installation Disk. For instance, if the CD-ROM drive is drive E: then run "E:\autorun.exe" to open the DNT Installation Disk utility.

Click Install DNT Software/USB Drivers to proceed.


Two versions of the USB driver installer are provided, for different types of Windows PC:

Step 2

The DNT Device Installer opens.


Click Next to proceed.

Step 3

The EULA is presented.


Accept, then click Next to proceed with installation.

Step 4


When installation is complete, the Driver Name and Status are displayed. Click Finish to close the Device Installer. You may now connect any DNT device to the PC and drivers will be loaded automatically.