DMPA12 Audio Processor


DSP and Power Amplifier

(Not Available in Europe)

DMPA12 Description|active

  • 12-channel class-D power amp with bridge tied load (BTL)
  • 10 Watts per channel; adjacent channels can be tied together for doubled output power
  • Every output channel includes a DSP delay, nine filters, compressor and limiter
  • Passively cooled; no heat buildup
  • Inputs are taken from the Lecnet 2 DANI™ bus forward or backward propagated final mix signals - no analog inputs are provided
  • Front panel level controls and LED signal status indicators

The DMPA12 is a powerful digital audio processor and multi-channel power amplifier combined into a single rack space component designed to work with DM Series processors. The design represents a milestone in DSP technology in its basic architecture and in its processing speed and efficiency. The primary applications are sound reinforcement and teleconferencing in boardrooms, courtrooms, worship centers, distance learning systems, hotels and other applications with multiple microphones and loudspeakers. The design is ideally suited to mix-minus sound reinforcement systems.

Inputs are taken from the DANI™ bus (Digital Audio Network Interface) which is common to all DM Series components.

Each output can drive a variety of loads, including loudspeakers, long cable runs and headphones. The BTL configuration allows two adjacent channels to be wired in parallel on a common load to double the output power. The amplifier is designed to run continuously (idle or with a load) without heat buildup, making it ideal for permanent installations where prolonged operation is required.

Class-D amplification is implemented with a late generation component that provides exceptional efficiency, low heat, excellent audio performance and is indestructible with wiring errors. Each output channel includes a delay, nine filters, a compressor and limiter. Settings are stored in memory with different 24 presets available for immediate recall of all setup parameters. Presets can be recalled with serial commands or simple contact closures.

Included Accessories|closed

  • 1 - Power Cord (Part #21499)
  • 1 - LecNet Cable - Black (Part #21529-1)
  • 1 - LecNet Cable - Red (Part #21710-1)
  • 1 - 25-pin Connector (Part #21558)
  • 6 - 5-position Plug (Part #21580)
  • 1 - USB Cable (Part #21713)
  • 2 - Cat5 Cable (Part #21716)
  • 1 - Adjustment Tool (Part #35679)
  • 1 - DNT Software CD 
  • 1 - DMPA-SK Support Kit
    • 2 - Side Rail (Part #26698)
    • 6 - Screws (Part #28505)
    • 6 - Washers (Part #28402)
  • 1 - Manual

Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts|closed

DMPA12 Accessories

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