IS400 Compact


Wireless Belt-Pack Instrument System

IS400 System shown includes optional RMPR400-1 rack mounting kit.

    • 24-bit, 88.2 kHz digital audio stream for Compandor-free audio
    • Over 3000 synthesized UHF frequencies available
    • Rugged all-metal construction
    • LR Receiver:
      • Miniature form factor – can be mounted on pedal board
      • Low noise, robust RF front end
      • Balanced mini-XLR output
      • SmartTuning™ with graphic display for easy selection of clear RF frequencies
    • LT Transmitter
      • High impedance input available for instruments
      • Heavy duty wire clip for secure mounting
      • Level indicators for precise gain adjustment
      • Selectable 50 and 100 mW RF output (50 mW only for Europe) for long range and dropout-free performance

The IS400 Pro Digital Hybrid Wireless system sets new standards for wireless guitar and bass. Ultra portability, flat frequency response, low distortion and compandor-free operation provides the closest thing to using a high-quality, short instrument cable. The system reproduces the lowest fundamental from a 5-string bass (low B) at 32Hz up to the very highest overtones and harmonics and provides lively, responsive playing for the professional artist.

Artist That Use IS400

Dixie Chicks


Dan Crary

Pearl Jam

Bob Weir

Alex Lifeson

Stevie D. - Buckcherry

k.d. lang

Doug Aldrich

Eva Gardner (Pink)

Howie Simon

Marco Mendoza

Ricky Phillips - Styx

Carlos Santana

Johnny Hiland

Taylor Guitars

Ricky Martin Band

John Fogerty

The Killers

Michael Clair

George Pajon - Black Eyed Peas 

Duncan Coutts - Our Lady Peace

Phil Soussan

Frequency Response

Lectrosonics - IS400 Frequency Response Chart