Digital Wireless Micro Transmitter

Models: DSSM-A1B1, DSSM-B1C1, DSSM/E01-A1B1, DSSM/E01-B1C1, DSSM/E07-941

  • Extremely compact - ideal for theater and sports broadcasting
  • IP57 rated for moisture resistance
  • High density mode for maximum channel counts in limited spectrum
  • Selectable power; 10 or 35 mW (D2 mode)
  • Offers over 6000 frequencies across a wide UHF range
  • Two-way IR port for easy set-up
  • Firmware updates via USB/Wireless Designer
  • Wide range input gain control in 1 dB steps
  • Dock chargable with optional CHSDSSM unit

The DSSM is the enhanced, fully digital successor to the SSM, while being IP57 rated for watertightness and offering dock charging capability.

The IP57 rating indicates that the unit is protected against dust ingress while also withstanding water immersion up to 1 meter for 30+ minutes – perfect for the most demanding work environments. All while allowing for quick battery swap-outs.

The DSSM is ideal for theater, TV, film and broadcast environments where concealment and water-resistance is required. The DSSM offers an extensive feature set and performance packed into an exceptionally compact housing, compatible with all current Lectrosonics digital
receivers, including the DSQD, DCR822, DSR, DSR4, M2Ra, and DCHR.

The DSSM includes specially developed, high efficiency circuitry for extended operating time on the rechargeable LB-50 battery. RF power selections are offered at 10 and 35 mW (D2 compat mode) and a special high density (HDM) mode at 2 mW.

Optional Battery Charger

Side view with unit and battery

CHSDSSM - DSSM Transmitter and Battery Charging Station - Click for more info

Included Accessories

  • 1 - AMM19 - Whip Antenna with Standard SMA Connector. Block 19; included with A1B1 variant only.
  • 1 - AMM22 - Whip antenna with Standard SMA Connector. Included with A1B1 and B1C1 variants.
  • 1 - AMM25 - Whip antenna with Standard SMA Connector. Included with B1C1 variants only.
  • 1 - AMM944 - Whip antenna with Standard SMA Connector. Included with 941 variants only.
  • 1 - 35939 Pouch 
  • 1 - 40106-1 Lithium Battery
  • 1 - 27332 - Wire Belt Clip

Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts

Data Sheet

Quick Start Guide