DNT0212 - Digital Processor


  • 32 inputs from DanteTM receive channels
  • 2 analog line level inputs
  • 16 outputs to DanteTM transmit channels
  • 8 line level analog outputs
  • 4 mic/line level analog outputs
  • Supports both switched and redundant modes in DanteTM operation
  • Post-mixing signal processing on all inputs (analog and digital)
  • 48 independent automatic mixers with 38 inputs per mixer and channel activity detectors
  • Support for multi-level mixing: mixes can be looped back and used as mixer inputs
  • Extensive signal processing including filters, delay and channel linking for dynamic processing
    (compressors, limiters)
  • Gain smoothing to prevent transient noise during instantaneous level changes
  • Four test signal generators available for system setup and testing
  • Extensive macro command language
  • Control interfaces via USB, RS-232, Ethernet and programmable logic I/O
  • Rack mount or under table mount

The DNT0212 processor subscribes to channels on a Dante network and delivers them to an internal digital matrix for automatic mixing and processing, and to Dante network transmit channels. In addition, two analog line level inputs are provided for use with local sources audio sources such as voice evacuation announcements.

The outputs of the matrix can be assigned to a Dante transmit channel, an analog output and/or routed back to an input to be further mixed and processed with another input channel or matrix mix.

Included Accesories

  • 1 - Power Cord (Part #21499)
  • 1 - 25-pin Connector (Part #21558)
  • 7 - 5-position Plug (Part #21580)
  • 1 - USB Cable (Part #21713)
  • 1 - Adjustment Tool (Part #35679)
  • 1 - DNT Software CD 
  • 1 - Manual

Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts