DM1624f Audio Processor


Digital Automatic Matrix Mixer

(Not Available in Europe)

DM1624f Description|active

  • 16 mic/line inputs, 24 line outputs (8 outputs are mic/line switchable)
  • 16 x 24 digital matrix mixing; gain is adjustable from
    -69 to +20 dB
  • Proportional gain auto mixing algorithm with AutoSkew™ - US Patent 5,414,776 and 5,402,500
  • Auto mixing operates at the output of the matrix - each input channel can participate differently in each output mix
  • Each output has its own NOM mixing bus
  • 6 filter stages plus compressor, ADFE and delay on each input
  • 9 filter stages plus compressor, limiter and delay on each output
  • 128 macros available for storing up to 64 commands per macro
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces for setup and control
  • Digital I/O ports for "daisy chaining" and to connect other LecNet 2 devices
  • AMX© and CRESTRON™ compatible
  • Simultaneous LecNet2 and Third-Party control
  • Continuous fan cooling

The DM1624F is a powerful digital audio processing, mixing and routing system. The primary applications are sound reinforcement and conferencing in boardrooms, courtrooms, worship centers, distance learning systems, hotels and other applications with multiple microphones and loudspeakers. The design represents a milestone in DSP technology in its basic architecture and in its processing speed and efficiency.

The basic architecture consists of 16 mic/line inputs and 24 outputs with a full DSP-based crosspoint matrix that allows every input to be routed to any or all outputs. Following the A-D conversion at each input, the signal passes through multiple DSP filters, ADFE (automatic digital feedback eliminator), a compressor and a digital delay. In the matrix, gain is adjustable from -69 to +20 dB in 1 dB steps at each crosspoint. Each of the 24 outputs provides a digital delay, multiple DSP filters and a compressor/limiter.

AMX® is a registered trademark of AMX Corp.
Crestron® is a registered trademark of Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Included Accessories|closed

  • 1 - Power Cord (Part #21499)
  • 1 - Interconnect Cable - Black (Part #21529-1)
  • 1 - Interconnect Cable - Red (Part #21710-1)
  • 2 - 25-Pin Female Connectors (Part #21558)
  • 20 - 5-Position Plug (Part #21580)
  • 1 - USB Cable (Part #21713)
  • 2 - CAT5 Cable (Part #21716)
  • 1 - Adjustment Tool (Part #35679)
  • 1 - LecNet2 Software CD 
  • 1 - Manual

Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts|closed
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