DSSM Transmitter and Battery Charging Station

  • Each module charges up to 4 LB-50 Lithium Ion batteries or DSSM transmitters
  • Connect up to 4 CHSDSSMs using a single power supply (16 batteries/DSSMs charging at once). Ideal for large installations.
  • Individual charging circuits and status indicators

The CHSDSSM battery charging station provides a convenient and organized means of recharging 4 LB-50 batteries or DSSM transmitters in larger systems with numerous batteries in regular use.

Each charging module may be daisy-chained to 3 additional modules using a single AC-DC power supply (DCR5/9AU - not included) for a total of 16 units charging at once (LB50’s and/or DSSMs).

The CHSDSSM charging station features an individual LED on each charging module. Red indicates the battery is charging and green indicates the battery is completely charged. Each charging module is reverse polarity protected and individually fused (10A one-time fuse).